It can be hard to adjust to a new place, especially when you realize that your clothes aren’t quite right for your new state’s weather or when you meet an unexpected new animal friend while taking out the trash. Your friendly movers at EZ-Move, are here with some tips on how to handle your new life in Tucson.

Beware the dry heat

If you are moving to Tucson and are used to feeling the dry heatuc, then you already know that hydration is essential. People who are used to temperatures with high humidity will likely feel a lot cooler under the Tuscan sun but don’t let the feel of your skin fool you. The Tucson sun is just as hot as in other states, so always remember to drink lots of water and wear a hat and some sunscreen while outdoors.

Don’t Settle for a Swamp Cooler

During most of the year, Tucson receives low levels of humidity, and this is perfect for people who already own a swamp cooler but once Tucson enters the monsoon season your little swamp cooler will become useless. When moving to Tucson, it’s best to look for homes and apartments that feature central air conditioning.

Valley Fever, Real but Nothing Serious

Valley Fever sounds a lot more dangerous than it actually is, but long time residents of Tucson know that it’s nothing to worry about. Caused by bits of fungi floating in the air and traveling down into the lungs, Valley Fever will feel either like a small cold or nothing at depending on the person. It’s a non-contagious sickness that can be cured with some chicken soup and a long nap.

Black Widows

Tucson is home to a variety of insects that help keep the fly and mosquito populations down. One of these you might find in your home is the Black Widow. Black Widows are noticeable for the red hourglass on their bodies. They are non-aggressive creatures who are happy to stay tucked into their little corner.

However, animal owners may want to remove any Black Widows they find because a Widow’s bite can cause pets to become sick. A piece of paper and cup is all you need to eliminate these guys from your home.

The Great Gila Monsters

Most lizards are not the city toppling monsters you would see in old Godzilla movies, and this is also true of Tucson’s own Gila Monster. However, that doesn’t mean that the Gila Monster is a friendly sort of fellow. With a black body and yellow spots, the Gila Monster a venomous lizard native to the surrounding areas of Tucson. Gila’s are a protected species, and it is against the law to kill one. For those new to Tucson, just follow what the locals do and give the Glia Monsters plenty of space.

Life in Tucson

Just like other cities, Tucson Arizona has its unique basket of odd quirks. We hope that any new additions to the city find these tips on how to handle life in Tucson useful. We love our community and if you’re in the process of moving to Tucson. Feel free to give E-Z Move a call for all of your moving and storage needs (520) 808-0347.

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