5 Things to Expect When Moving to Arizona

So, you’re thinking about moving to Arizona? Smart move. Arizona, the sixth largest state, is a beautiful and exciting place to live. Most known for the Grand Canyon and its arid climate, Arizona is full of breathtaking natural sites, delicious food, and a diverse climate. If you are considering or planning a move to the Grand Canyon State, here are a few things to expect.

1. It’s Not All Desert

When people think of Arizona, they typically associate it with the desert. Don’t get us wrong, there’s plenty of desert in Arizona, but it only makes up a portion of the state. In fact, the northern part of Arizona is full of forests and while the desert parts of Arizona are known for their warm climates, heavy snow does accumulate in the mountains of central and northern Arizona.

2. Much of Arizona Is Hot

The climate in Arizona really depends on where you are located. Because of its wide variety of altitudes, the climate varies from location to location. Overall, Arizona has a dry climate with very little rainfall. Southern Arizona, including Tucson and Phoenix, has very hot summers and mild winters.

3. Unbelievable Natural Attractions

There’s no debating it – Arizona is a beautiful state full of natural gems. You’ve definitely heard of the Grand Canyon, but there are also many other breathtaking sites to explore. For starters, check out Havasu Falls, the Keyhole Sink, and Glen Canyon. You won’t be disappointed!

4. No Daylight Savings Time

While the rest of America tries to remember whether to move their clocks forward or backward an hour, Arizona just chills out. Arizona (not including the Navajo reservation) and Hawaii are the only two states to not participate in Daylight Saving. In 1968, Arizona’s state legislature decided to opt out of the Uniform Time Act of 1966.

5. Haboobs

While tornadoes aren’t a threat in Arizona and earthquakes are rare, you will most likely experience a haboob. The word haboob comes from the Arabic word “haab,” which means wind. Haboob is another term for a dust storm or sandstorm and they can occur frequently in the deserts of Arizona. They typically happen during summer months but aren’t restricted to the monsoon period. Phoenix typically experiences about three haboobs a year.

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