If only moving were as easy as a snap of our fingers and everything is instantly in perfect order. Unfortunately, moving requires quite a bit of physical strength – squatting, lifting, dragging and so on. Moving is tiring work and can even cause injury if not done correctly. Avoid racking up a costly bill at the ER and instead follow these top tips from the experts at EZ Move to avoid any injuries while on the move.

1. Keep the objects you are lifting close to your body

Lifting or holding an object close to your body will help keep you aligned with the center of gravity. This will reduce stress on your back and spine.

2. Avoid lifting things on your head

Picture grabbing a 50-pound box and putting it on your head – seems like a disaster in the making, right? This can cause serious head injury and put tremendous pressure on your neck, back, and spine.

3. Lift with your legs, not your back

Putting intensive weight on your back can cause a major back spasm. Your legs can properly balance the weight and get a firm stance on picking the object up and off the floor.

4. Push rather than pull

Pulling a heavy load while facing the direction you are traveling in will stretch your arm behind your body, making your shoulder and back tangle into an awkward position. Leaning into your body while pushing produces a much more natural motion for your body and is more effective.

5. Use a dolly or wheeling equipment

Placing your items onto an easily movable object with wheels will make any move 100 times easier. Dollies can help transport your heavier items, and wheeled carts can help with lighter things. Be sure to push, not pull the wheeled cart appropriately.

6. Hire Movers

Do you want a solution that takes the move out of moving? Hire a team of trusted professionals to get the job done. A professional moving company will take the weight of a move off your hands (and your back).

Avoid Injuries – Hire EZ Move!

The stressors of moving are already enough of a hassle – don’t let an injury halt your moving process. With our team of expert movers, your move will be effortless and pain-free! We take pride in our ability to get any job done, big or small. Call us at (520) 808-0347 or contact us here for a free quote today!

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