Finding the job that you’ve wanted, with the pay and benefits that match the work and opportunity, feels amazing. But what if your dream job is out of state or across the country?

Relocating for a job is never easy, especially when you have a limited amount of time to get things organized and packed – but hiring a local moving company can alleviate some of the problems of job relocation! Here, the team at EZ Move gives you five tips to get you on the right track for a successful job relocation.

Ask About Relocation Assistance Early

If you’re looking into a new job and it’s out of state, make sure to ask questions about relocation terms when you’re negotiating your position and salary. It’s crucial that you understand and know what the company’s specific policies are and what they offer towards employee relocation as early as possible.

Ask them about their relocation packages and if they plan on reimbursing you or paying a lump sum. Do they have services that will do the packing and moving coordination, or will you need to figure it all out?

Make it clear from the get-go that you will need help to up your chances of receiving relocation assistance, and be clear it is in their benefit to help their new employee. Starting this conversation early from the recruiting process ensures they’re aware that you expect some help.

Know What Help and Services You’ll Need

Having a general idea of the kinds of services you require will further empower your negotiations and begin to prepare you for a smooth job relocation. Moving a single individual is entirely different from moving a whole family, and each situation comes with different requirements.

Maybe you’ll want to consider temporary housing or storage while the details are finalized. Some companies will provide travel expenses, rental assistance, and spousal employment assistance if needed.

Scouting Your New City

Once you’ve established what the company offers for job relocation assistance, you’ll need to focus on scouting the new place. Scouting trips best serve to gain an understanding of the new city and a feel for the new environment, but they also narrow down your options when looking for a place to live. The more you know about where you’ll be moving and what’s in the area, the quicker you’ll be able to adjust.

Unfortunately, sometimes you aren’t able to go on a scouting trip. In that case, try to find and talk to people who know the city well. Research what you want to know to avoid later issues.

Research, Create a Budget, and Set Up a Timeline

Start researching the moving companies you’ll be using. Know what different packages companies offer, such as whole house pack and transport. Call them up directly and find out if they are licensed and insured, and look up how reputable is the local moving company.

If you’re moving a business, how well can they handle moving office equipment? Will you need an office relocation mover? Compile quotes and build a budget of your moving costs to submit to your new employer and put towards the move. At the same time, create a timeline to ensure that everything gets done quickly and efficiently.

Tax Implications and Fine Print

Several different factors can affect you when moving and receiving relocation assistance, and it’s important to stay on top of these and know what they are ahead of time to best plan for the future.

If you are receiving a lump sum towards relocation from the company, the IRS considers this taxable income. So that $15,000 you received could be more like $10,000 – that’s a big difference. Some things that you pay out of pocket can be considered tax deductible, so make sure to save your receipts and know what does and doesn’t apply to you.

Consult a tax professional to stay ahead of any problems if possible. Read the fine print before you sign with your moving company and review documents detailing the job relocation assistance. Some companies have a payback clause, where they expect you to work a certain amount of time for them or you’ll have to pay back some or all of the relocation funds.

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