Moving can be very overwhelming. Between hiring movers, cleaning, and packing, you can forget that you need your daily essentials, but they are stuffed away in boxes.
A designated first night moving box can help you keep all your valuable belongings in one place for easy access. That way, you can relax with ease knowing where your toothbrush and favorite t-shirt are once you’re settled in.
Here’s what you should pack in your first-night box.

Clothing and shoes

Unpacking can take a lot of time. Once all your things are moved into your new home, finding where your socks and shoes are can be next to impossible.
Putting clothes and some shoes in the first night moving box can eliminate the stress of having to rifle around through boxes that are mixed in with dishes or cleaning supplies when you are trying to find your pajamas.
You should put away at least a few days’ worth of clothing in the box.


You should also put any important cords for things like televisions or computer monitors in the first-night moving box.
Store phone chargers, cameras, laptops, or anything that requires an electrical charge in the first night box. That way, your phone or any other device can stay charged and ready to be used without the hassle of trying to find it.
You can’t post that new house selfie without a fully charged phone!


Another thing to pack in the first night box are important daily toiletries. Daily necessities like deodorant, soap, toothbrush, toilet paper, shampoo and conditioner should be packed. Other items such as towels, shower curtains, and a shower rod can be added to the first night box.

Eating Utensils

After all that hard work, you can’t forget about food. Packing paper plates, napkins, and disposable utensils in the first night moving box can allow easy cleanup after meals. Also, garbage bags and disinfectant cleaning wipes help with cleanup.
Remember to collect take out menus for your first few nights. Dishes and cooking utensils can still be in boxes and need to be cleaned. Take out menus are great for quick and easy meals.

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