Moving an upright piano can be a very tricky process. We’ll show you the steps, but what’s even better is that we can help you out with moving your prized grand piano.

Weight, Shape, and Size

The first thing you have to take into account is the weight, shape, and size of your piano. Let’s be honest here; pianos are weird, awkwardly shaped instruments. They are top heavy, with fragile legs, and their center of gravity is well – not exactly center. Getting your piano to your new home is not a one man (or one woman) job – it is going to take a team. The first thing you want to do is make sure that you have the proper equipment and ample power to lift the piano and move it without scratching hardwood floor or damaging the delicate interior of the instrument.

Get Your Team Organized

You’ll need at least four people to safely move your piano. Two strong people to lift the piano and another two to get the lifting belts secured to the piano and to help direct. Make sure your whole team is properly outfitted for the task with closed toed shoes, long pants, and gloves. Make sure no one is wearing excessively baggy clothing or jewelry to avoid getting caught on furniture.

Close Up Shop

Before you can cover and secure the piano, you need to close as many openings as possible. Make sure the keys are covered, and the lid is closed and secured, to protect the strings and hammers, as they are the most fragile elements of your instrument.

Time to Bundle Up

Now that you have secured the fragile areas, you can cover your piano with moving blankets and secure them with tape or straps. When you lift the piano onto a dolly, be sure to use lifting straps and lift from the knees.

Getting it in the Truck

Your piano will need to be the first thing you move into the truck. You’ll need to make sure that you have a good amount of boxes to surround the piano to keep it from shifting during the move from turns and sudden stops.

Call in the Professional

While it’s possible to move a piano with some amateur help, if you want to be sure that your piano arrives at your new home without a scratch, you’ll want to bring in professionals to help with the process. We’ve got you covered for all of your moving needs – including getting grandma’s piano to your new home. Give us a call at (520) 808-0347 to schedule your move.

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